Celebmag: Hello Miss Lizan Dizaye it is a honor to have you, we have noticed through news medias that you have taken some time off from your artist career due to studies, tell us how you keep up with your artist life and your education in Masters Business Managment?

Lizan Dizaye: Well i decided to start with my masters in business management because it’s definitely important for me to also improve my education life because education is as important as my artist career to me this is the reason why i have started my eduction in MBM department at the university of UKH in Kurdistan erbil, studying is always a great experience to me, Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with studying and artist career at the same time cause modeling being agent and writing songs making vocals being CEO of over 4 Magazines being ambassador of WFPUSA and producing managing and all that so i am multitasking most of the time but i got use to it i try to make time for both studies and also my artist career, because in life it is also good to improve and enhance your education skills next to your artist career.

Celebmag: you are totally right, well done & do you have any new music coming up for your fans ? do you have a specific release date ?

Lizan Dizaye: Well yes i am planning to work with warnerbros studios for my next song so yes i have been writing new music but the specific date is not decided yet but it’s definitely near, and i cant wait to share the news with my fans they are amazing

Celebmag: Lizan this is amazing news we cant wait to hear your new music lizan goodluck with your upcoming music release with warnerbros, Lizan How many awards have you won so far tell us about it and about the experience.

Lizan Dizaye: I won the indian and emirates Avighna award for best iconic cosmopolitan Business Awards 2024 for the best international Kurdish artist, and the best highschool live pop idol award for best highschool singer in holland at year 2003 and i also became miss pageant highschool 2003 so i have won 3 awards, it was a lovely experience to be the best.

Celebmag: Congratulations lizan you are a true talent, Which famous artists have you collaborated with so far in music and for your L.Dizaye.Magazine & other magazines? And how did it feel when you were featured on the time square billboards NYC twice ?

Lizan Dizaye: Thank you dear, I have collaborated with leonardo dicaprio, kendal jenner and andrew henderson, sandy linter, and for music Famefaiella, Celebrityboxing Damon Feldman, John Lamp, and many more celebs that are featured on my magazines and in my songs, It felt amazing to featured on time square NYC 1 time with the celeb Famefaiella and 1 time individual it was a great experience,

Celebmag: Sounds amazing lizan, your nickname goldencrown suits you perfectly we wish you much more success and luck in your life, Thank you for your time it’s and honor.

Lizan Dizaye: Thank You very much it’s my pleasure.

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