Nina Naustdal: A Leading Force in Music, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship

In a world where following one’s passion often leads to remarkable stories, Nina Naustdal’s journey stands out as a shining example. Born and raised in the picturesque city of Oslo, Norway, Nina’s life has been a colorful blend of sports, fashion, music, and entrepreneurship. From being a track and field sensation to becoming an internationally acclaimed fashion icon and influencer, Nina’s trajectory is nothing short of captivating.

Growing up in Oslo, sports were not just a pastime for Nina Naustdal – they were a way of life. Ballet and track and field formed the core of her childhood pursuits, with track and field taking center stage from the tender age of seven. Competing tirelessly in track and field events, Nina’s dedication paid off as she clinched over 300 championship medals. Her remarkable talent didn’t go unnoticed, as local newspapers started featuring her from an early age, turning her into a local sensation.

As Nina’s athletic prowess flourished, so did her love for fashion. This passion was undoubtedly fueled by her grandmother, who owned women’s fashion boutiques in Norway. From her grandmother, Nina imbibed invaluable insights into the world of fashion. Fueling her dreams further, Nina pursued her education at Wang, one of Norway’s premier athlete schools. However, it was her subsequent enrollment at Esmod in Oslo that set her firmly on the path to fashion stardom.

In 2011, Nina Naustdal took a bold leap by launching her first boutique in London, marking the birth of her couture and lifestyle brand. With her strong foundation in fashion, inherited from her grandmother, and the creative drive that defined her athletic years, Nina’s brand quickly gained traction. Her innovative designs and unique sense of style garnered attention, leading to a series of star-studded fashion shows around the world.

Nina’s charm wasn’t confined to the runway alone; her

Nina’s charm wasn’t confined to the runway alone; her striking features and charismatic presence led her to the world of modeling. Gracing the covers of international magazines in the Middle East, Russia, and the UK, Nina’s face became synonymous with elegance and style. Yet, her journey wasn’t just about personal recognition – she found herself in roles that allowed her to uplift and empower other women, such as her stint as a judge on Miss Universe Norway in

2015. Nina Naustdal’s transition from athlete to entrepreneur wasn’t just seamless; it was extraordinary. Her determination and business acumen led her to found her Fashion House in 2011, and over the past decade, she has been bestowed with 11 awards for her contributions to the industry. Most notably, the “Most Inspirational Business Woman” and “Fashion House o the Year 2020” awards by Business Awards in partnership with The Times. Her influence also extended to the digital realm, earning her a nomination for “Best Fashion Influencer 2023” by NSMA.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Nina Naustdal’s journey has touched lives on a personal level. Her experience as an athlete have shaped her high-performance business mindset, instilling in her the values of hard work and determination. She shares her insights not only on platforms like television programs and lifestyle documentaries but also on stages like the Parliament and business conferences. Through her words and actions, she aims to inspire and mentor others to chase their aspirations.

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